Action: Protest Gov. Baker's Pipeline TAX

pipeline tax hearing 2

pipeline tax hearing 2

Attend the crucial hearing on this issue on Thursday, February 25 at 1:30PM.  More details here.

Eversource and National Grid have petitioned Gov. Baker's DPU to institute a Pipeline TAX (you heard right, a tax) to be figured into the rate structure of EVERY electric bill for the residents of Massachusetts. This TAX is to pay for the as yet unbuilt and unnecessary pipelines and compressors of Kinder Morgan and Spectra. This is unprecedented for a rate increase to be established prior to a build-out.

The people of the Commonwealth will pay for the infrastructure of PRIVATE corporations, own none of the infrastructure for which they have paid, and have NO guarantee of lower prices in the future or even of receiving any of the gas coming through the pipelines. The MAJORITY of this gas, whether Spectra or Kinder Morgan, is headed for Canada to be off-shored on the world market.

On February 8, 2016, the DOE signed off on the permits to export this gas to Non-FTA (Free Trade Association) countries. The permits to export to FTA countries was given last May.

There will be an important hearing on this issue on Thursday, February 25 at 1:30PM - meet outside of South Station. More details here.

Tell the DPU and Gov. Baker: No Taxation Without Representation! Gov. Baker is supporting this TAX.