Oil Contamination - Public Involvement Plan (PIP)

The proposed compressor site has been designated as a Tier 2 disposal site, due to oil contamination. The site has been a "disposal site" with MassDEP and the required cleanup of the oil contamination is an ongoing process by Spectra.  MassDEP has designated it as a Tier 2 disposal site in phase 2.  

The public can access the files at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection  by  going to http://public.dep.state.ma.us/SearchableSites2/Search.aspx and plugging in the RTN #s for the Disposal Site at 6 & 50 Bridge Street, Weymouth, MA: Primary Release Tracking RTN #4-26230 and Secondary Release Tracking RTN #4-26243. 

Upon learning about the oil contamination and our options for moving forward, we decided to file a PIP (Public Involvement Plan) petition. At our September meeting, 16 Weymouth residents added their name to the petition, and it was mailed to MassDEP and Spectra reps.

We have received confirmation fromKelley Race, licensed site professional at TRC Environmental Solutions that she received our PIP petition and confirmed that the cleanup waste site RTN 4-0026243 is eligible for PIP Designation. This notification was also sent to reps at MassDEP. 

The letter states: "We understand that within 80 days of receiving the PIP Petition, a draft site-specific Public Involvement Plan will be prepared and a public meeting to present the draft Plan will be held. As part off the PIP Plan process, we will be soliciting interviews with the PIP Petitioners to identify local concerns.  A letter will be sent to each of the PIP Petitioners requesting contact information to conduct either a phone interview or provide email correspondence communication."

We expect that the meeting will be held close to January 12, 2018. If you signed onto the PIP, please look out for an email regarding this issue. We will be in touch with the petitioners about next steps.

Why is a PIP important?: If a PIP is approved, it means that the public must be involved in the clean-up process and dialogue.