Community Conducts 24-hr Air Quality Testing

Community members have been conducting air quality testing in and around the Fore River Basin for the past year. Last week, a group of folks sat with a VOC canister to collect a 24-hr sample. We would like to thank all who took time out of their day--and night!--to deliver and babysit the VOC canister at the site. As soon as we have any results, we will be discussing them.

It was an experience to spend the overnight in the park. The breeze was blowing the leaves in the trees on the parcel, and it was amazingly peaceful. You could actually see the stars for a brief period. During the day, we saw rabbits and monarch butterflies. There is a field of what looks like a variation of a wild sweet pea on the fenced in parcel and along the walkway that attracts the butterflies. You almost could forget that you are in the middle of a highly industrialized area. The image of the abomination that could be another industry in the middle of this park was almost too much to be considered. The park will be UNUSABLE should the state and federal governments decide that the people of Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree, and the entire South Shore are worth sacrificing for the greed (NOT the NEED) of the few.

Please consider taking a walk at the park soon. Sit at one of the tables and just observe. And then, send another comment to CZM--maybe with some pictures--telling them and showing them that they will be violating their own regulation that states that the coastal zones are not just for industry, but for the enjoyment of the public.

Thanks for all that you do. See pictures below.

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