Action Item: Write a Letter to the Boston Globe

On Monday, February 13, the Boston Globe published an editorial about pipelines and LNG imports titled, "Our Russian ‘pipeline,’ and its ugly toll". 

The article is long and filled with too much misinformation for us to list. So, we have a big favor to ask--can you take a moment to write a letter to the Globe? It doesn't have to be long--in fact it can't be or they won't publish it. Pick one false point and focus on that. Or better yet, send as long of a letter as you want to Brian McGrory, the editor in chief. We sense that industry folks may have had some influence over this piece.

The editorial is available here (if you can't access it, please let us know). For rules on how to write a letter to the editor at the Globe, click here.

Thank you for all that you do!