New FERC commissioner held many meetings with fossil fuel companies

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Recently appointed FERC Commissioner, Rob Powelson, has spent a fair amount of his time meeting with industry people. Journalist Itai Vardi provides detail on his findings in his new piece, FERC Commissioner Rob Powelson Spent Much of His First Months in Office Meeting With the Fossil Fuel Industry. You can read the full article here. Quick note from Itai--if you scroll through the calendar you will see that Powelson met with Charlie Baker's people on October 25th.

Excerpt: "In his first few months at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), commissioner Rob Powelson scheduled the great majority of his meetings with fossil fuel energy companies and utilities, his work calendar shows. ...

A review of his FERC calendar shows that between September 4 and December 10 2017, Powelson had a total 76 work meetings scheduled with various stakeholders. Of those meetings, 62 (82 percent) were with fossil fuel and pipeline companies, utilities, and trade groups predominantly representing those industries. The remaining 14 meetings were with regional transmission organizations (RTOs), government agencies, public utilities, and renewable energy companies and their trade groups." (Vardi, 2018)

Thank you, Itai, for your continued reporting on FERC!