Sen. Barrett's Comments on Compressor Station

Excuse us, Sen. Barrett--we don't want a compressor station in Lexington, either.


Sen. Barrett also said "this is not just about Weymouth but about every compressor station and about whether constituents stay warm in the winter." No, Sen. Barrett, it is not. It's about an out of control industry wanting to use MA as a freeway to get their filthy product sent to Canada to ship overseas.

nd speaking of dog whistles--NIMBY is the industry's favorite insult to hurl at anyone with an environmental concern.

From Becky: " Ironically - at the same time Sen. Barrett from Lexington was calling us all NIMBYs at the State House - the first meeting of the Health Impact Assessment committee that Governor Baker ordered was occurring at Tufts Library. So as 20 people, volunteering their time & energy, representing the citizens of the Fore River Basin, work with MassDEP, DPH and MAPC about air quality/health impact concerns due to the 8 existing facilities here and a potential 9th, we have the Senator from Lexington calling us a bunch of NIMBYs."

Well said.

Call Sen. Barrett today at 617-722-1572 or send him a note at Tell him we do not want HIS constituents facing this, either. Maybe give him a little update on the problems with fracked gas while you're at it. Thank you for all that you do!