Compressor Station Amendment Passes Senate

Below please read Sen. O'Connor's post on the particulars of one of the most important amendments that he proposed--that did pass last night. It is this amendment that has the potential of keeping dangerous gas infrastructure away from population centers like the Basin. Of course, we in the Basin do not want these infrastructures on the planet, but the fight continues.

FRRACS would like to offer our most sincere thanks to Sen. O'Connor for keeping the pedal to the metal on this one until it passed.

The statement below is from Sen. Patrick O'Connor's facebook page:

"Late last evening, the Massachusetts Senate took a stand and came together opposing the proposed compressor station in North Weymouth by passing my amendment to ban compressor stations within a half mile of any residential areas in the Commonwealth.

As part of the Clean Energy Future Bill, I offered an amendment that would ensure that no new natural gas compressor station be located less than one half mile from protected waterways, areas of critical environmental concern, playgrounds, licensed day care centers, schools, churches, environmental justice neighborhoods, and residential homes.

Weymouth and the surrounding cities and towns have been fighting a proposed compressor station in an area, the Fore River Basin, that is already home a number of industrial operations. It would also be in one of the most densely populated areas that a compressor station has ever been placed and the first one on a waterway.

Last night, I spoke on the Senate floor in favor of this amendment along with a number of my colleagues that are also fighting proposed projects in their communities.

I will be providing updates on other amendments that were adopted and the information on the Clean Energy Future Bill that passed at the conclusion of session over the next couple of days, including videos from the debate. I’ve fought against this compressor station since it was proposed and I’m proud we were able to score a victory on Beacon Hill last night."