Braintree, Quincy, and Weymouth file Air Quality Permit Appeal

And the fight gets bigger! Thank you to the City of Quincy and the Town of Braintree for joining in this regional battle.

Except (from the Hingham News): "Braintree Mayor Joseph Sullivan is inviting Weymouth Mayor Robert Hedlund and Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch to join him in filing a regional appeal to the state Department of Environmental Protection for issuing an air quality permit to Spectra Energy Enbridge's proposed compressor station.

"Braintree is drafting language for the appeal and the town's opposition to the permit's issuance," he said. "That is due Friday, and we will be filing."

The DEP issued an air quality to Spectra on Jan. 11 for the proposed natural gas compressor station to be built in the Fore River Basin.

Hedlund said Weymouth greatly appreciates the support it has received from Braintree, Quincy, and Hingham with the fight against the proposed compressor station." (Hingham News)