Flashback Friday: Gov. Baker's ties to Spectra Lobbyists

Our Governor. Bought and paid for by Enbridge. Two years ago it was revealed that Gov. Baker had ties to Spectra lobbyists. This was uncovered by investigative journalist Itai Vardi. We’re sharing this story again because it’s still so relevant.

Desmogblog - Revealed: Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker's Close Ties to Lobbyists For Spectra Energy, Whose Pipeline Projects He Backs

Excerpt: “There has been fierce opposition across Massachusetts to the natural gas pipeline projects of Spectra Energy — residents, campaigners, and politicians have been lining up to oppose the pipelines that will run across the state.

But none of this opposition has swayed the state's governor, Charlie Baker, who has consistently backed Spectra's plans.

However, DeSmog can reveal a cozy relationship between Baker and a lobbying company that has been working to push Spectra's plans through. Those ties run from publicly declared “love” between one lobbyist and Baker to a loaning of office space.” (Desmogblog)