WGBH covers a Weymouth resident's sit-in at the Governor's office

If you’re familiar with the fight against the compressor station, you are probably familiar with the #SitWithAndrea daily sit-in at Gov. Baker’s office. Andrea Honore, a Weymouth resident, has been spending her lunch break in the Gov.’s office for 90+ days. Gov. Baker has yet to meet with her. What will it take for him to finally meet with a constituent? You can follow her story online here.

WGBH Morning Edition covered this story. You can listen to it here.

Excerpt: "There is a 47-year-old mother of two who spends her lunch breaks sitting in the elegant reception area outside the governor's office, waiting. Waiting for Gov. Charlie Baker.

"I'm waiting for him to follow the law. I'm waiting for him to do his sworn duty to protect the people of Massachusetts," said Andrea Honore, a Weymouth resident dead set against the building of a gas compressor by the new Fore River Bridge.

At the urging of U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, federal regulators will hold a listening session in Weymouth to hear from residents opposed to a plan to build a natural gas compressor station by the Fore River. It'll be the biggest and loudest display of opposition to the project. Meanwhile, Honore is conducting a quiet and persistent demonstration nearly every day right outside Baker's door.

"I'm waiting for him to tell the [Department of Environmental Protection] to tell them to do their jobs, follow the law, follow the policies. It's exhausting trying to convince people of the obvious," said Honore, who fears that the facility will pollute the surrounding area. She disagrees with reports saying the plant won't pose much harm to the air and water of the neighboring communities. Since Honore began her sit-ins in 2017, gas safety has become even more of a touch point for those concerned about the impact of natural gas.

Nearly every weekday, Honore leaves her office in the Financial District and walks the half mile to the State House, sometimes grabbing a smoothie in place of lunch." (WGBH)