Gov. Baker to testify before Congress on climate change

Governor Baker is heading to Congress this week to testify on the issue of climate change. We find this somewhat perplexing given the fact that he supports fracked-gas, you know, one of the fossil fuels contributing to climate change.

He states, "It's pretty clear that climate change is starting to have a very significant impact on our communities, on our infrastructure, on personal property, on real property and on community property." (WGBH)

Let's be clear on this, Campers. Baker is only interested in "property," i.e. he could not possible care less about your health and safety. AND, he wants to tax YOU--the individual homeowner--to pay for climate change that is being caused by Enbridge and their ilk.

Sounds fair to us. How about you? See WGBH News for text regarding Baker testifying on climate change.