Braintree appeals air quality permit

We thank the Town of Braintree for submitting an appeal to MassDEP in response to their granting of an air quality permit for Enbridge’s proposed compressor station. MassDEP based their decision on the results of an incomplete health impact assessment (HIA). The HIA was completed by MAPC, who ignored their own data when forming a conclusion about the potential health impacts. MAPC found that the the levels of benzene and formaldehyde would exceed state standards if the compressor station were to be built and yet came to the conclusion that the compressor would not have a significant health impact. FRRACS has also submitted an appeal on the air quality permit. We will keep you updated on the appeal process.

You can read more about this story in The Patriot Ledger - Braintree appeals compressor station permit

Excerpt: "The town has appealed the decision by state environmental officials to grant an air-quality permit for a proposed natural gas compressor station in Weymouth.

In the 11-page filing with the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Administrative Dispute Resolution on Friday afternoon, the town said the site of the compressor station is within a mile of Braintree, and close to Quincy and Hingham. It also noted that the pipeline which would connect to the proposed compressor station would pass through Braintree.

Braintree Mayor Joseph Sullivan said the site presents many challenges to Braintree, as well as to surrounding towns.

“We have reviewed the state’s justification for the approval of this air quality permit and believe they have erred in their judgments as we continue to have serious concerns about the rational used in the granting of permission,” Sullivan said in a statement." (The Patriot Ledger)