Thank you!

Wow. You all are amazing. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to gather last night and celebrate all that we have accomplished as a community. When Spectra came to town in 2015, they thought they'd sneak their project in without any resistance. They were wrong. Because of you, we've been able to delay Spectra's plans significantly. The fight isn't over but we wanted to take the time to thank the community for their tireless efforts in this battle.

Last night we were joined by local residents, allies, and many of our local elected officials. Mayor Hedlund, Mayor Koch, Sen. Keenan, Sen. O'Connor, Sen. Timilty, Rep. Ayers, Rep. Meschino, Rep. Hawkins, Rep. Ayers, Councilor Haugh, Quincy City Council President Brad Croall, Quincy School Committee member Anthony Andronico, Darien Johnson from Sen. Warren's office, and Daria Ashfar from O'Connor's office were all in attendance. The list of support from local elected officials goes beyond this but some folks were not able to attend the meeting last night. We were also joined by Mothers Out Front, Toxics Action Center, and many other pipeline-fighter allies. Our longtime ally, Nathan Phillips, biked all the way from Newton! Apologies for any names that we may have forgotten.

We thank you for every phone call you've made, email you've sent, sign you've held, event you've attended, and for the time, energy, and resources that you've given to this fight. We'd also like to thank our incredible attorneys and the hundreds of folks who have made donations to our legal fund. And many thanks to the team who put the event together and to John for making a delicious meal!

Although it's not always easy, we know that we have no choice but to fight. And fight we will.

Thank you, folks! Scroll down for photos and a video montage of the past 4 years!