How would you score Baker's climate record?

Gov. Baker recently testified before Congress on the issue of climate change. On the national scale, it was a big deal to have a republican Governor urge more action be taken on the issue, but on the state level, we weren’t quite as starry-eyed. Governor Baker staunchly supports the build-out of fracked-gas infrastructure, one of the main contributors to climate change. We find it comical that he is asking Congress to act on climate change, but at home, he is doing the very opposite. We would give him an F, frankly.

WGBH covered this issue and asks Massachusetts residents what rating they’d give the Governor. You can read (and listen) to their story here - On Climate, Does Gov. Baker Deserve An 'A' — Or An 'Incomplete'?

Our friend, Andrea Honore, was interviewed by WGBH and had the following to say:

“When Andrea Honore read Baker’s Congressional testimony, though, she had a very different take. For the past two years, Honore has been staging an on-again, off-again lunchtime sit-in in Baker’s office, trying to get him to oppose a new gas compressor station slated for a site in Weymouth.

“I broke my eye roll, honestly,” Honore, a Weymouth resident, said. “Many of us were like, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

She and others argue that the facility, if built, will be a safety risk with adverse local health effects — and note that a majority of the gas it processes will be shipped outside of Massachusetts.

“Over 50 percent of the gas that is slated to run through this is for export to Canada,” Honore said.

For the record, Baker hasn’t endorsed or condemned the Weymouth compressor. Instead, he’s said the state is doing its due diligence — including, recently, making a key regulatory ruling that moves the project closer to fruition — on what’s ultimately a federal issue.” (WGBH)