Pressure continues to grow on the State to revoke air plan approval (Desmog)

The continuation of the air quality appeal shed further light on DEP’s lack of concern for environmental health. DEP officials stated many times that they did not know that there are different types of tests that can be used when analyzing air samples. And they admitted multiple times that it was Itai Vardi’s investigative reporting that prompted them to contact Alpha Analytical to determine if they had any further test results from the July sampling. It’s unclear why the DEP did not think to do that on their own, but we are grateful that Itai’s reporting has helped to push the DEP to do their job.

It was incredible to watch the DEP admit that the only reason that they released the additional data was because of our friend Itai's reporting on the previous data from the Rhode Island State Lab that they (the DEP) had withheld!

Congratulations and many thanks to Itai for his continued excellent reporting!

Desmog - Following Carcinogen Data Fiasco, Pressure Grows on Massachusetts to Revoke Enbridge Facility Permit

Excerpt: "During Monday’s hearings, DEP officials acknowledged for the first time that it was DeSmog’s reporting that prompted them to ask another lab it worked with on the HIA whether it held more data than it originally had supplied the DEP during the assessment. That lab, Alpha Analytical, did in fact hold additional data, which it began sharing with the DEP on May 10 this year, five days before the appeal hearings."