Quincy Environmental Fair was a success!

FRRACS attended the Quincy Environmental Fair today. Despite the heat, it was a beautiful day! It was great to see community members coming together to celebrate the environmental efforts that we are all working on. Each group had an activity of some sort or a skit that they performed. We decided to continue with our mural from our recent Painting in the Park event. Yvonne, a local artist, created the mural with impeccable detail. The mural spans 75 feet! We invited children and adults alike to add to the mural, which they did with glee. The mural displays a story of all the things that will be impacted if the compressor station gets built — our land, water, soil, air, and animal friends. The mural will soon be on display at the Milton Art Center, along with other pieces of artwork from the Painting in the Park event. Many thanks to Yvonne for creating such a beautiful piece of art that can be shared with so many.

And many thanks to Quincy Climate Action Network for organizing the event and for inviting us to participate.