MA House of Reps pass Air Quality Monitor Legislation

Members of the legislature are working to get a bill passed that would require the placement of an air quality monitor in the Fore River Basin. This of course will not stop the construction of the proposed compressor station, but will be important to have if this dangerous project does see the light of day. We thank our reps, including Reps. Murphy and Mariano, who have been leading this effort. You can read Rep. Murphy’s update below:

“Today, we in the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed vital legislation to install an air quality monitoring station in the Fore River Basin, adjacent to the site of the proposed natural gas compressor station in North Weymouth. Thank you to my colleagues and so many elected officials and concerned citizens and residents who helped make this happen, it truly is a coordinated effort.

We continue our fight against the Department of Environmental Protection’s terrible decision to allow permits for a compressor station without understanding what is already in the air in the Fore River basin. This legislation will ensure that residents know what is in the air they’re breathing and will provide vital information to protect the health and safety of all of us.

As we continue our efforts to stop the compressor station from being built, this bill will prevent the Department of Environmental Protection from continuing to ignore the concerns of all residents here on the South Shore.

The bill now must be approved by the Senate and the Governor before becoming law.”